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The Northern Family Health Society (NFHS) has adopted the butterfly and the knot as their logo.  The Butterfly is a symbol of metamorphosis, change, and transformation throughout the different stages of life; the knot is symbolic of the umbilical cord, through which the nutrients of life are passed.  NFHS and our various programs identify the logo as symbolic for the “lifespan” of services continuing to be offered by the society. (Homepage 2/2).

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Homepage 2/2: The Northern Family Health Society is a non-profit society incorporated in Prince George, BC in 1989. The purposes of the Northern Family Health Society are:

  • To educate the community in family health issues that promotes healthier pregnancies, children, families and communities.
  • To provide educational opportunities that will enhance individual, family, and community health.
  • To participate in and provide leadership for community planning to coordinate health and social services and create a supportive environment.
  • To promote equitable access and participation in activities.
  • To incorporate processes of evaluation in activities to determine effectiveness.

Mission Statement: To provide individuals, families and communities with:

  • Information to promote healthy lifestyle choices
  • Support, education and increased awareness for a positive future
  • A caring, safe and respectful place that encourages personal growth
  • A Fun Place To Grow!

Objectives: The Society pursues its mission in the context of family and community by:

  • advocating for social improvement and a healthy community,
  • providing alternate services which maintain a client focus,
  • developing services that consider the multiple facets of family wellness,
  • encouraging community wellness by partnerships within the community and with other health and social service agencies.

The Northern Family Health Society (NFHS) is well known for providing effective outreach services to at-risk pregnant women and families. Direct service delivery programs and activities include Pregnancy Outreach Program (Healthiest Babies Possible- funded through Northern Health), and the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) and the Canadian Pre-natal Nutrition Program (CPNP).

Funding for our programs made possible by: … (full text).

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