David See-Chai Lam Centre for International Communication

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As communications and transportation technologies have developed and global migration has intensified people from varying cultural backgrounds work and live side by side. However, the long-term vitality of international relations and civil society requires much more than merely living side by side in mutual tolerance. Efforts must be made to draw on the strengths of diversity in the interest of forging ideals and goals that can be shared. (full text Homepage /Mission).

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ABOUT THE DAVID LAM CENTRE /STEERING COMMITTEE: … Paul Crowe’s teaching and research focus is on Chinese religions and intellectual history and on cultivation of intercultural understanding.

Current research projects include translation and analysis of a thirteenth-century Daoist meditation or inner alchemy (neidan) text. He is also compiling research for a history of Canadian Daoist organizations including work on their origins principally in southern China and Hong Kong. Outside the academy he has had a longstanding personal interest in Chinese culture as a practitioner of Taiji quan and Daoist meditation for twenty-five years ….

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