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There are two primary causes for both poverty and war:

  • 1.Two crucial concepts: Plunder by trade, and Property rights law, as applied to nature’s resources and technologies, denying others their rightful share of what nature offers to us all for free.
  • 2.We are culturally trained to unsustainable conspicuous consumption, unaware that much of this wealth is unearned through causes one and two listed above.

Those fundamentals of world trade and domestic economies (item one) is the heart of the enormously violent and wasteful world monopoly system. Well over half of our labors and resources expended adds nothing to our quality of life. We suggest these links for a quick initial understanding: … (full text Homepage).

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About: This institute, founded by Dr. J.W. Smith, is a 501C3 non-profit/educational foundation researching the causes of, and elimination of, poverty and war. 

We are told monopolies have been eliminated. That is not true. As our research shows:

  • Throughout history, the powerful created our property rights laws as applied to nature’s resources and technologies, denying others their rightful share of which nature offers to us all for free and those laws are the beating heart of the current monopoly system which we are told does not exist.
  • Monopolization, Mercantilism, rentseeking, and capitalism as practiced, are all the same thing. Throughout the past 700 years, whenever they stood exposed, the powerbrokers simply accepted what was supposedly a new philosophy and went on with the same principles of wealth appropriation under that new name.
  • The foundation plunder systems, Plunder by Trade and Property Rights Law as Applied to Nature’s Resources and Technologies, Denying Others Their Rightful Share of What is Offered to Us All for Free , continued to amass massive unearned wealth, create equally massive povety, and the wars to protect and expand the monopoly system became ever more ferocious.
  • That today’s subtle monopolies are the most efficient economic system is only a belief system imposed to protect those monopolies. Global warming activists, resource depletion activists, and all who wish to eliminate poverty and war take note: Well over half the economic activity of imperial nations is wasted and this is without counting the wealth destroyed militarily protecting and expanding the monopoly system we call capitalism.
  • If technology had been shared instead of monopolized the past 300 years, production would have been double, in a few years it would have doubled again, a few more years it would have doubled again, and it would have done so on up to the development of the entire world. Instead it has been one steady drumbeat of wars maintaining and expanding the monopoly system whose foundation principles are “never share with anybody.”
  • By society restructuring to full and equal rights for all, economic efficiency will increase equal to the invention of money, the printing press, and electricity.
  • That efficiency, if the world started utilizing it today, will eliminate poverty in ten years and provide a quality life for all the world’s citizens in 50 years.

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