The Khuphuka Project

Compassion in Action

Linked with the Mandala Trust, and with Dharmagiri.

  • The Khuphuka Project is an initiative of Dharmagiri Outreach.  We are a HIV and AIDS community care and support program serving the uMqatsheni tribal area falling within the Kwa Sani municipality, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. To find out more about our work please take a little time to look around our site.
  • The special challenge facing Buddhism in our age is to stand up as an advocate for justice in the world, a voice of conscience for those victims of social, economic and political injustice who cannot stand up for themselves. This is a deeply ethical challenge, marking a watershed in the modern expression of Buddhism – Bhikkhu Bodhi (Khuphuka Project patron).
  • May all beings be well and free from suffering. (Homepage).

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Address: The Khuphuka Project, Dharmagiri, PO Box 270, Underberg 3257, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa;

About: All Buddhas take the mind of great compassion as their substance (from the Avatamsaka Sutra): The Khuphuka Project is an initiative of Dharmagiri outreach.  We are a HIV and AIDS community outreach program serving the uMqatsheni tribal area falling within the Kwa Sani municipality, KwaZulu-Natal.  This community faces huge problems including high HIV infection rates, high levels of unemployment, many orphans and ‘at risk’ children and associated poverty. There are large numbers of families close to starvation.  

The Khuphuka project operates throughout the 7 tribal wards within the uMqatsheni area and the two nearby areas of Kwapitela and Kwathunzi, and more recently in the adjoining area of Stepmore. There is currently no electricity or running water and poor quality roads mean that gaining access to some areas is dependent upon weather conditions. The initial target group has a combined population of 7000 people. (Information and advocacy services and HIV/AIDS awareness and youth work satellite services will also operate in other areas as the project develops). Statistics in 2008 show that 30% of patients presenting at the nearest clinic in Underberg are HIV+.  Research indicates that infection rates in rural areas such as uMqatsheni can be dramatically higher (early statistics show that of our clients which know their status, 70% are HIV+).

The Khuphuka Project has developed a positive relationship with the tribal leaders at uMqatsheni who support the development of the project. We are purchasing land within the community to construct a Community Outreach Centre from which to deliver the services, work on which is planned for 2010.  Until the completion of the centre the team are based in the uMqatsheni Tribal Authority building.

Services began on the ground in February 2009.  The Khuphuka Project is directed by Jacqueline Healy and Matt York with Sister Abigail Ntleko as Chairperson of the steering committee … (full long text).

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