Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust

… Amar Jyoti is a voluntary organization rendering rehabilitative services to persons with disabilities through inclusive and integrated education, medical care, vocational training, child guidance and self-employment since 1981 … (full text about).

Academics: SchoolSpecial Training, Vocational Training;
Healing; Publications; Branch in Gwalior; Help;
Address: Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust, Karkardooma, Vikas Marg, Delhi 110092, India;

Outreach: The Community Based Rehabilitation project has been completed with positive community development in 30 urban slums of Delhi.  The services are continued through various other projects of Institution Based Rehabilitation & Community Based Rehabilitation at the centre.

Child Guidance Clinic: To ensure all round development of children and to maximize their potential to learn and grow, The Child Guidance Centre as an integral part of Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust  was started in 1990. The highlights of this centre are the Early Intervention Programme and the Psychological- Psychometric Assessment which hold lot of significance when dealing with children having special needs.

The Child Guidance Clinic, consisting of two units of Psychometric Testing and early Intervention Programme has a busy schedule with the number of registrations for both the units going up by 22% this year.A record number of 550 cases have been assessed in the last year for  educational placements, behaviour management and counseling. There have been several efforts to enhance the professional competence of  faculty working in the Amar Jyoti School and the Child Guidance Clinic.

The objective of Early Intervention Programmeare as follows, namely:

  • to start early intervention of developmentally delayed children
  • to train parents to facilitate development and to prepare the children  for placement in the appropriate educational setup
  • to organize remedial help for school children facing achievement problems
  • to work out behaviour modification schedules for children presenting behaviour problems
  • to motivate parents for increased involvement for psycho-social adjustments

Awareness about the Early Intervention is growing and there is a steady increase in the number of children being registered every year. Children with intellectual challenges, neuro-developmental disorders etc. are identified by doctors, at schools, neighbourhood and by Psychologists, are brought in by the parents. The Early Intervention programme or Home Training programme is an ongoing project.

Psychology- Psychometric Assessments:

  • Children from nearby schools, who face some academic achievement or behaviour problems are referred for assessment, guidance and counseling. The numbers of cases are increasing every year for varied assessments and academic evaluation.
  • To ensure all round development of children and to maximize their potential to learn and grow, the child guidance centre is rendering useful services. References are coming from neighbouring schools and professionals in the field of disability for assessment and therapeutic interventions. The inter-disciplinary professional team available at Amar Jyoti provides a potential service delivery model.
  • Along with these objectives the child guidance centre has also taken initiatives in conducting Parents awareness cum training programmes from time to time. Parents interactive sessions hold a special significance. These sessions are organized twice a month on the topic of interest suggested by the parents having children with special needs. Professionals, Experts, Resource persons from various disability sectors are invited to orient the parents as per the topic selected.

The social work department facilitates following major activities:

  • Procuring disability certificate for Persons with Disability in the campus held by department of Social Welfare of Delhi Administration.
  • Making home visits as per the need of the students of Amar Jyoti School.
  • Counseling to the parents regarding academic issues, emotional and social needs as well as care of their children with disability.
  • Coordinating family life education through discussions, rapidfire round, quiz, group activities, word  maps, play etc.
  • Arranging open interaction with students specially of  class VIIIth regarding admissions/ scholarship etc.
  • Disseminateing information regarding, concessions, disability certificates and other benefits to Persons with Disability.
  • Motivating community volunteers for remedial teaching, Art & Craft, and recreational activities .

The Placement Unit at Amar Jyoti:

  • this year, had better prospects due to regular interactions with IBM, FICCI, CII, NTPC, PepsiCo, Andhra education Society and many other organizations.Several persons with different abilities have been selected by Barista Coffee, I.B.M. During 2007-2008, 930 persons were counseled.This process has enhanced their confidence resulting in visible changes in their personality.
  • The Pepsico has put up a kiosk for employment of a person with disability at Amar Jyoti as a pilot project. Self-employment has come up like a beacon light and big hope for the persons with disability  for their economic rehabilitation. There is a great flexibility in the working conditions in self-employment.
  • Many school dropouts with disability who have opted for self-employment have been motivated to go in for education once again. They have agreed to improve their educational qualification through N.I.O.S. courses. Whenever required, mock interviews are arranged for the candidates to boost their self-confidence and morale.

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