Human Rights Watch

Added December 13, 2008: linked with Kenneth Roth – USA, with After Guantánamo; with Cop violence up due to the culture of impunity, and with The price of rights.

One of the important NGOs of these times has proven his value by publishing last November the report about CIA camps of torture in East-Europe. As often, the big medias had not jumped on the news, as it came ‘only’ from an NGO.

Now these days in January, our german speaking Swiss journal for dead dogs, the Sonntagsblick, published a paper out of the Intelligence group world (a fax from Egypt to the British office), unfortunately not cripted, and other Intelligend Groups like the Swiss capted it.

No official statement, declaration, reaction or information. Now our dead dog press had his day, as the same news out of a governmental leack is much more worth than given by the NGO world. Now the European big medias are jumping high.

In any way: thanks to Human Rights Watch. See their recent pages about Tortures and Abuses.

See also our different January pages of our World Peoples Blog, and our blog Humanitarian Texts.

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