What is India is the only specialised portal totally dedicated to development work in India. We want to create more awareness about, and mobilise greater support for India’s struggle for sustainable and equitable development … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2 /Profile: … is a specialised portal dedicated to the social sector operating in India. It has a large database that is being expanded everyday and which covers almost all facets of development activities. 


  • The main aim of is to provide easily accessible, comprehensive information on the social sector in India to anyone, anywhere around the world.
  • It seeks to enhance communication among organisations to promote networking and cooperation.
  • strives to make local organisations and institutions more visible to potential donors, activists, researchers, and other interested people.
  • The portal seeks to offer online marketing for the products made by social organisations and socially disadvantaged people. It also caters to the human resource needs of the social sector through a special ‘career’ section.
  • It aspires to provide a space for support mobilisation and  for interaction between the public and the social sector.

What offers:

Apart from classification and the other features mentioned, also provides the following facilities to organisations:

  • Mailing lists of people interested in specific activities compiled from the ‘address taking facility’ on the Home Page.
  • Consultancy services for social organisations by recognised experts.
  • Design and hosting of websites and other IT services.
  • Seminars and Training programmes are planned in specific areas of activity by experts.
  • Advertising free of cost on a reciprocal basis.

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