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The idea of taxing the trade in currencies was first suggested by Nobel prize-winning economist, James Tobin. This is why the Currency Transaction Tax (CTT) is often referred to as the Tobin Tax. 

Invitation to the preparatory meeting and the two sessions of the World Public Finances Project, which starts during the Polycentric World Social Forum in Bamako (Mali), 19-23 January 2006.

At World Social Forum 2005 in Porto Alegre, a group of organisations and movements working around financial system issues formed an Otro Sistema Financeiro platform. The involved organizations were a variety of actors as Attac groups from Brasil,Finland, France, Italy and Japan, the tax justice network, NIGD, Unifasco and others. This fall, the scope has been enlargened and is also reaching out to debt movements and organizations. The title has been adopted accordingly, now the name is World Public Finances (WPF).

The start off for this new initiative will be at the WSF in Bamako, where we hope to gather a group of organizations willing to present collectively a political-theoretical proposal for a new basis of an international system of Public Finances, in a process of articulation between involved actors from the WSF in Bamako, at the WSF in Caracas, to the WSF 2007 in Nairobi.

Our first WPF meeting will be in Bamako on the 19th of January 2006, during lunch time from 12.00-14.00, at the hotel LE LOFT – 687,rue Achkabad – quartier Quinzambougou/Rue du 3ème arrondissement – Bamako MALI – Tél:221 66 90/91/92

Details of the WPF events in Caracas will follow soon!

Do join us! or perhaps you can indicate any others which migth be interested in joining us?

If you are not attending the WSF in Bamako, or Caracas, please do sign up to our WPF mailing list (see below) in order to be part of the new platform and work together with us.

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