NIDG – Network Institute for Democratic Globalisation

NIGD aims at promoting global democratization by producing and developing emancipatory knowledge for democratic movements, organizations and states. NIGD’s work is based on the conviction that globalization as coming-together-of-humanity must be based on cross-cultural dialogue concerning both philosophical fundamentals and concrete reform proposals. NIGD projects are usually joint endeavours with a number of partners from the global south.

NIGD operates from Helsinki, Finland, and Lima, Peru. NIGD was founded in Helsinki in 1997, according to the Finnish law on public associations. It emerged from the Finnish follow-up process (1995-1997) to the UN Secretary-General’s annual reports on democratization. In 1998 – 2002, NIGD received annual funding from the Nottingham Trent University, UK, which has also been the site for many of NIGD’s activities. In addition, and since 2002, NIGD’s activities have been funded projectwise.

NIGD conducts research, publishes Discussion and Working Papers and organises workshops, seminars, and conferences. Consultancy work is also among NIGD’s activities.

NIGD has been involved in transnational campaigns, for instance for a currency transactions tax and, more generally, for global democratization. NIGD aims at strengthening global civil society and is also a founding member of the International Council of the World Social Forum.

See them at the WSF 2006 in Bamako, Caracas and Karachi.

See the rest on their site by above link.

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