International Philosophers for Peace and Prevetion of Nuclear Omnicide IPPNO

  • IPPNO, a member of the International Federation of Philosophy (FISP), was founded in 1983 by John Somerville and other concerned thinkers as International Philosophers for the Prevention of Nuclear Omnicide.
  • After the close of the cold war, IPPNO changed its Constitution and mission to include grappling with all the global threats to humankind, and to on-going work for world peace with justice.
  • For its achievements in this field, IPPNO was awarded Peace Messenger status by the United Nations and IPPNO’s founder received the Gandhi-King award … (Who we are /History 1/2).

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Who we are /History 2/2: … A member of the International Peace Bureau (IPB), IPPNO to develop worldwide support for the World Court Project, a project which resulted in a July 1996 International Court of Justice ruling that the use and threat of use of nuclear weapons, in all but the most exceptional case, is without question contrary to international law and thereby illegal. 

We also participated in IPB’s successful campaign to curb French nuclear tests, in the Abolition 2000 Caucus for the total abolition of nuclear weapons, and in the 1996 Provisional World Parliament in Barcelona, Spain.

In 1997, IPPNO assisted in the development of a model convention for the elimination of nuclear weapons document which helped pass the UN resolution that a treaty be prepared banning all aspects of the research, development, use and stockpiling of nuclear weapons.

IPPNO has held world conferences on peace and peace-related environmental issues in St. Louis (USA), Brighton (England), Moscow (Russia), San Jose (Costa Rica) and Boston (USA).

Our Sixth World Congress, “Paths to Peace in a Violent World” was held in Calcutta (India) in January, 2000-2001 in cooperation with “World Peace Thinkers Meet” organized by ISISAR of Calcutta

IPPNO’s Seventh International Interdisciplinary Conference was held in Radford, Virginia in May 2004.   The theme “Capitalism With A Human Face?” brought together economists, sociologists, political scientists, media scholars, historians, and philosophers.

We also hold regional and national meetings and actively network with like minded individuals and organizations.

We regularly publish the IPPNO Newsletter, an alternative voice for peace.

We have also published IPPNO Document on World Peace as a general statement on the way to survival, peace, and justice for all humankind. We welcome your ideas and papers on these subjects.

In 1994 the IPPNO Constitution was amended to enlarge the organization’s goals to embody a holistic approach to world peace, thereby expanding IPPNO’s concerns to include all threats to global existence as well as to creating positive social, economic and political conditions for enduring peace.  This holistic approach is expressed in the IPPNO Document on World Peace.

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