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  • SiliconIndia is an online service offered to enable professionals to find and connect with other professionals more effectively. Whether looking for a lead for that next deal, searching for an industry expert, developing networks, asking for guidance or advice SiliconIndia users can make contact with thousands of professionals who are users of the SiliconIndia Service.
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  • Accelerate your career: We know that career growth have different perspective for different people. For some it means reading up on the latest developments in their industry, for some it means changing jobs, and for others it means connecting with industry experts. We believe that you accelerate your career through:
  • Knowledge, advice, and job referrals: So, wherever you fit, SillconIndia has you covered. We have over 2 Million members, and we see more than 50,000 new members added every week ­- that´s 50,000 new personalities, new skills, and new connections ­- each week. SiliconIndia is India´s largest community of professionals and there´s a LOT of collective knowledge that can help accelerate our careers.
  • Knowledge: SiliconIndia´s members post hundred of blogs and news feeds related to careers, their industry updates, technology, sports etc every day. These are articles about technology, HR, startups, retail ­- you name it. If it´s a profession that´s growing in India, the members of SiliconIndia are actively sharing knowledge about it. The blogs and feeds let you stay on top of what´s going on in your field. You can discuss the article, vote on it so others see it, or ask questions ­- all for your career.
  • Career: SiliconIndia is not just knowledge or a networking site, but a venue for career growth. We have jobs, but we are not a job site ­ we are a launch pad for the next big thing. We give you a venue to connect the people you know ­ your friends ­ to great companies ­ so your friends can accelerate their careers too. You can simply refer your friends to great jobs and explain to the hiring manager why your friends are a great fit. Helping connect a friend with a job is good for your friend of course, but also good karma for you ­ you´re a best friend to people … (full text about).

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