International Progressive Alliance

(sometimes named Progressive Coalition, like here)

Our purpose is Action. Communication is a pathway to action, through the discussion and generation of ideas; ideas can change people’s lives. When people change their ideas, it reflects in their way of life in small corresponding changes, and hopefully are able to lead better lives, which can influence other do the same … (about 1/2).

Platform and Stategy;
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About 2/2, Party Activities Overview, Copyright, and legal notices: … General Overview: This section will be updated regularly to give a current status of activities.  

Protocol: The basic protocol in this web site, as it would in any community, to permit the smooth flow of exchange of information and ideas:

  • 1. The author of any articles that appear in this site are the property of the writer, who has all the legal rights to his material.
  • 2. What is said here by people does not necessarily represent the views of the administrators or owners of this site, and as such, since we do not exercise censorship over ideas, we cannot assume ownership nor responsibility for what an author writes.
  • 3. Owner’s articles can be copied and distributed free, on the condition that the recipients of the material are made aware of the source.

We hope you can benefit from our efforts… and will also want to contribute your ideas at some point.

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