Leadership for Environment And Development LEAD

  • LEAD is an international non-profit organisation with a fast growing network of 2000 leaders in more than 90 countries. Our shared mission is to inspire leadership for a sustainable world.
  • We do this by searching worldwide for outstanding people, developing their leadership potential through our innovative training programmes and working with them to mobilise others to make a real difference to the future of this planet … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: … Our LEAD offices across the world deliver training programmes that challenge traditional notions of leadership with progressive participatory techniques. Using LEAD’s experiential learning approach, our participants learn through multi-stakeholder dialogue, systems thinking, and inclusive cross-cultural processes. 

We train business executives, government officials, academics, NGO directors, activists, educationalists and media professionals. Our multi-lingual training team works with top-level experts and practitioners from around the world who focus on emerging issues relevant to leadership and sustainable development.

Leadership for Environment and Development
Member Programmes in Anglophone West Africa, Brazil, Canada, China, Commonwealth of Independent States, Europe, Francophone Africa, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Pakistan, Southern and Eastern Africa.

LEAD International is a registered charity (Charity Number 1086989) incorporated with limited liability in England (Company Number 4075590).

LEAD’s Vision:

  • LEAD has a vision of a sustainable world where the leadership potential of people and communities is developed, they are able to collaborate across sectors and cultures, and they can find and deliver sustainable solutions at the local and global level.

LEAD’s Mission:

  • LEAD’s mission is to inspire leadership and change for a sustainable world.  We will carry out our mission by identifying outstanding people across sectors and cultures, developing their leadership potential and understanding of sustainable development, and mobilising and supporting them as a network to achieve the change required.

LEAD’s values and principles:

In delivering our mission, LEAD will operate according to the following values and principles:

  • A sense of urgency.  Humanity is on an unsustainable path, and rapid change is essential to achieve sustainability
  • Recognition that leadership can take place at many levels, and that everyone has a potential leadership role to play
  • Belief in a cross-sectoral, cross-cultural collaborative approach
  • Mutual respect of different perspectives, cultures and backgrounds
  • The importance of inspiring others and listening to others
  • A belief that sustainable development is achievable as well as desirable
  • A commitment to social equity and justice, which together with environmental responsibility and economic progress, are at the heart of sustainable development.

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