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  • Speak Truth To Power is dedicated to the promotion of human rights awareness. We are a not-for-profit organization that seeks to proactively engage the general public in an ongoing series of issue-related programs and events, bringing human rights activists and their work into contact with ever-increasing audiences. Through the combined power of arts and education, we aim not only to inspire, but also to empower individuals and communities to take up the defense of human rights. We hope that you will participate …
  • SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER is a division of the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial in Washington, a non-profit 5013c organization … (full text /The Center).

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  • To contact us, please write, email, or call Katrin Macmillan, Director of Development and Producer, T. 212-796-2707, F. 212-796-2708, e-mail.
  • Address: Speak Truth To Power, 111 Front Street, Suite 208, DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA.

The Center /About: Speak Truth To Power is composed of dedicated individuals from many different fields such as journalism, publishing, internet, human rights, and generous sponsors that have contributed and supported the development of this project into an expansive and synergetic tidal wave. 

Speak Truth To Power has been one of the most extensive and exciting collaborations between individuals such as Kerry Kennedy, The Robert F. Kennedy Memorial, Umbrage Editions, Assemblages.com, Amnesty International, PBS, Forefront Leaders.org, and others.

There are many ways in which an individual can contribute to the cause of human rights, whether that be in the form of a monetary contribution or filling out a petition or poll, we can all have an impact.

We are and always will be seeking energetic and interested people to participate in this exciting endeavor.

The Center /Mission:

Speak Truth to Power seeks to promote a more just and peaceful world by galvanizing public support for international human rights through cultural, educational, and web-based programs.

Speak Truth to Power is a vital, proactive, and empowering forum designed to involve, impassion, and inspire individuals concerned with human rights issues. Through the use of chat, polls, on-line petitioning and letter writing campaigns, messaging, forums, interactive video and audio and other multi-media communities throughout the world, Speak Truth will leverage the speed and accessibility of the internet to fight for human rights worldwide.

Speak Truth to Power is a media-rich information resource that presents an immediate, personal connection and welcoming environment in which members can engage with human rights issues and initiatives that impact their lives, and participate in or create powerful grassroots movements that will achieve real change.

Speak Truth to Power will be the foremost Internet community of human rights defenders throughout the world.

The Mission of Speak Truth to Power is as follows:

  • 1  To leverage the power and reach of the Internet to raise the level of human rights around the world;
  • 2  To raise the individual level of awareness, personal identification, and sense of personal potential to affect human rights;
  • 3  To inspire a dynamic, empowered, and expanding community dedicated to improving human rights;
  • 4  To provide the infrastructure, resources, and tools required to enable community members to create powerful grass roots movements and achieve real change;
  • 5  To provide a network through which already existing human rights organizations, activists, and educators, can communicate to one another, increasing the overall effectiveness and scope of human rights efforts.

Speak Truth to Power will present to the world a series of high-profiled cultural events and initiatives. A cultural, socially aware institution can no longer remain in an office or gallery space. It must be actively engaging in the community it serves. Throughout the production of a book, play, exhibition, documentary, and album, Speak Truth to Power will bring human rights issues to the general public in a way never before seen.

About the author:

KERRY KENNEDY started working in the field of human rights in 1981 when she investigated abuses committed by U.S. immigration officials against refugees from El Salvador. Since then, her life has been devoted to the fight for equal justice, to the promotion and protection of basic rights, and to the preservation of the rule of law. She is the author of SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER, a book of profiles of fifty human rights defenders around the world. She has led forty human rights delegations to twenty-seven countries … (full text Programs & Events /about the author).

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