Axis for Peace

Linked with Axis for Peace 2005 of August 3, 2006.


The sovereignty of the peoples, a precondition to the establishment of democracy, is today being challenged by certain members of the United Nations’ Security Council, in spite of the International Rights drafted by the Hague Conferences and stated by the UN San Francisco Charter.

Some peoples have been deprived of their freedom to choose their political system, of their cultural identity, of their natural resources’, and of the fruit of their labour.

State-supported transnational armed groups have wreaked terror in other states in order to destabilise and weaken them. Based on fictional allegations, a coalition has asserted its right to self-defense in order to militarily impose complacent regimes, and take control of communication corridors and oil fields. State-related associations, supposedly dedicated to the promotion of noble ideals, have financed street protests aimed at overthrowing governments.

The main challenge to world peace is the phenomenon of extremism on all sides, including governments and oppositions.

An ideology of hatred is spreading, discriminating and humiliating some civilisations. It is inevitably leading to a conflict. Proclaiming the superiority of a lifestyle, it is summoning its expansion by the means of force.

The will to power, and war, are back.

We want to save international peace.

That is why we are inviting intellectuals and political leaders of good will to gather and debate, on November 17th and 18th 2005, in Brussels, to exchange analysies and propose viable solutions in order to reactivate international law and mechanisms for peaceful solutions to world disagreements.

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