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OUR IDENTITY: The European social Forum of Cyprus (ESFC) is a result of 21 years of hard social work by a team of young people from Active Citizens that took part in many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) experienced in the Social course of the Cypriot population in all levels. The ESFC as an institution consists of a Pancyprian Network of NGOs with non-profit targets, which cover various interests on all the possible subjects that preoccupy each organized group of Cypriots. Thus, as a Democratic and Polyphonic platform of action ESFC with Cypriot and European activity aims at the INTEGRATION of the Cyprus Republic in a United European Completion and generally our involved as Cypriots in the European Evolution … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: … OUR AIMS: Our National aims are as follows: 

  • 1 . The Materialization of programs Nationwide.
  • 2 . The promotion of ideas regarding networks from NGOs in Cyprus.
  • 3 . The benefit of modern services for the members of NGOs providing the suitable technical infrastructure and know-how.
  • 4 . The proper usage of financing resources worldwide.
  • 5 . The training of NGO executives in the modern requirements of the Society of Citizens.
  • 6. Training of Teachers (trainers).

Our Action – As a new Institution ( 28/01/03 ) we have an important action as follows:

  • 1. We have responded at once to the Social needs by beginning training programs in computers, by promoting youths with special needs in cooperation with the “Y.M.A” aiming at their professional training and re-establishment.
  • 2. Three years ago, we have materialized the European program “Leonardo Da Vinci” on “Special Education” covering the needs of teachers.
  • 3. In Cyprus we have established two teams of youths, the program known as “Youth for Europe ” & “Euromed”.
  • 4. We are connected with two International networks of information VIA INTERNET: A) HRLC – L news-letter. B) NCPAD – News list and other.
  • 5. We are also regular participants in European conventions & training programs
  • 6. As young people we organize Educational Excursions all over Cyprus.
  • 7. NCPAD – News List and other
  • 8. Global Human Rights Education.
  • 9. EDF
  • 10. EPHA Monthly Newsletter
  • 11. Anti-Discrimination Contacts Database
  • 12. EUPRAXIS
  • 13. Disability Now
  • 14. EYF
  • 15. RCE
  • 17. SALTO
  • 18 L’APARE


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