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Index on Censorship is Britain’s leading organisation promoting freedom of expression. With its global profile, its website provides up-to-the-minute news and information on free expression from around the world. Our events and projects put our causes into action. Our award-winning magazine shines a light on these vital issues through original, challenging and intelligent writing. (About 1/2).

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About 2/2: … History: Index on Censorship was founded as a magazine in 1972, when editor Michael Scammell and a group of writers, journalists and artists, led by the British poet Stephen Spender took to the page in defence of the basic human right of freedom of expression for writers in the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact countries. 

Since then the magazine has also sought to shed light on other challenges facing free expression, including religious extremism, the rise of nationalism, and Internet censorship.

Over the years, Index on Censorship has filled its pages with writings by some of the world’s most distinguished writers and thinkers, including Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Milan Kundera, Václav Havel, Nadine Gordimer, Salman Rushdie, Doris Lessing, Arthur Miller, Noam Chomsky and Umberto Eco.

Index on Censorship has developed to become one of the world’s highest profile organisations promoting free expression, based around its website, award-winning magazine, projects and calendar of events.

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