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Youth International is an experiential learning program that combines international travel, inter-cultural exchange, adventure, volunteer community service work, and homestays.
Teams of up to 14 people between the ages of 18 and 25 travel together with two group leaders. For a full 12 week semester, they explore three different countries in one region of the world.
Through a balanced combination of experiences, each Youth International team member is set up for an intense and dynamic first-hand education about the region in which they are traveling. At the same time, they are presented with an unique environment and opportunity for self-discovery … (Homepage).

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Address: Youth International, (Experience the World), Inc., 232 Wright Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M6R 1L3; Canada;

About: Youth International’s mission is to open the doors for young people to actively explore and discover a broader perspective on the world while developing a deeper understanding of who they are and what their place is within the world.  

Developing more personally and socially aware future leaders, Youth International also hopes to take small steps toward bridging the gap between people and nations and making the world a better, more peaceful place in which to live.

Since 1997, Youth International has provided many people with the most exciting, fulfilling and educational Experiences of their life.  It is a unique way to explore some of the world, open your mind, and challenge who you think you are or might be. It sets you up to gain a first-hand understanding of a variety of different cultures and communities, and give back to them. It is also a tremendous amount of fun!

The program is, however, extremely intense and demanding and is not for everyone.  Team members continually face a variety of extreme challenges. They are asked to dig deep into themselves. In return they are greatly rewarded for their efforts.

Because of the intense nature of this program it is important that we try to give prospective participants a very clear understanding of what the Youth International experience is like.  To help do this, we will outline here some of the most important aspects of the program.

Reaching Beyond Your Comfort Zone: Youth International members must not only be prepared to endure, but also be open to embracing the uncertainty of stepping outside of their physical, psychological, and emotional comfort zone.

They will constantly be faced with different people and new situations, forcing them to re-evaluate what is right, wrong, or normal, and who they are in relation to these norms.

Standards of physical comfort will be much lower than what most participants are normally accustomed to. Tremendous personal flexibility and an attitude allowing one to “roll with the punches” is necessary for success.

Living and Traveling:  Most of the time, team members travel, live and eat in a manner similar to that of the majority of people in the countries which they are visiting.

Almost all travel is overland.  Nearly every conceivable mode of public transport is used— from bus to train to boat to camel back. You will go 2nd or 3rd class, not 1st.

Accomodation: … (full text about).

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