International Federation of Persons with Physical Disability FIMITIC

FIMITIC promotes the equalisation of opportunities for disabled persons and fights against their discrimination. (Homepage).

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CONCEPT (INCLUDING ASSOCIATION POLICY PRINCIPLES): FIMITIC (International Federation of Persons with Physical Disability / Fédération Internationale des Personnes Handicapées Physiques / Internationaler Verband körperbehinderter Menschen) regards itself as International Federation of Persons with Physical Disability.   

It is an international, non-profit, politically independent and religiously neutral association of national non-profit organizations.

This concept outlines FIMITIC’s basic development up to the year 2005 and beyond. The concept indicates how FIMITIC will in future use its strengths and opportunities in order to solve present and future problems of physically disabled persons and their organizations.

The concept is based:

  • on the international social development as well as the social development in individual states, as expected by FIMITIC, and on the development of institutions and organizations important for physically disabled persons in a narrower sense;
  • on an analysis of FIMITIC’s strengths and weaknesses;
  • on an assessment of present and future chances and problems of an international association of physically disabled persons.

The concept is an important guiding instrument for FIMITIC’s activities and conduct as well as for its member organizations, project groups and commissions.

The concept, which allows for new developments, shall be reviewed regularly. FIMITIC expects that the principles outlined in this concept will be recognized and complied with by its member organizations.


  • Following a brief introduction on what FIMITIC represents, the status of the concept within FIMITIC’s Articles of Association shall be defined in the preamble, content and purpose shall be stated as well as what it is based on and who it applies to. It shall be revised whenever necessary.
  • FIMITIC will conform to this concept in future: this shall apply to any amendments of the Articles of Association, to the main elements of its financial expenditure, to the build-up and improvement of its services and to projects at FIMITIC level as well as to projects at the level of its member associations.

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