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The role of citizens and citizens’ organizations as actors of public policies in Europe has been constantly growing in the past 30 years. Nevertheless, neither the European Constitution nor the legal systems of national states define exactly their role as participants  in policy making as a fundamental right of citizens. Therefore, Active Citizenship Network (ACN) together with the Active Citizenship Foundation (FONDACA) decided to promote the drafting of a European Charter of Rights on Active Citizenship, which stated the rights and duties of citizen organizations participating in policy making … (European Charter of Active Citizenship 1/2).

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European Charter of Active Citizenship 2/2:
… The aim of the project was to develop the concept of “Civic Participation”, which is mentioned in the European Constitution (art. 47 and art. 72, second part), but then not explained.  

The importance of “civic organizations” is recognized regarding identifying specific needs, recognizing best practices, and proposing initiatives related to civic participation. Howewer, their rights and duties in relation to European and national Institutions are not specified.

This project was implemented with partner organizations from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey.

The main activities included the following points:

  • Collecting 50 best practices regarding civic participation in the participating countries
  • Setting up a online database with these practices
  • Drafting the Charter in collaboration with the project partners, using as a basis the good practices identified, along with previous researches of ACN on civic activism in Europe
  • Presentation and discussion of the Charter in a European conference in Vienna in May 2006
  • The project was sponsored by the European Commission DG Education and Culture and Unicredito.

Partners: … (full text).

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