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  • Voices of Women is a group of peace-minded people who share a common commitment to education on international issues and U.S. foreign policy.
  • We believe that women must be active participants in the formation of global policies. Our goal is to partner with other women around the world in this endeavor, with the full belief that we can make a difference. (about).

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A Voice from Africa: Voices of Women is pleased to announce that we have chosen to sponsor a woman from Sudan, through the Women for Women International Sponsorship Program.  We  believe that it is important to empower women so that they may play significant roles in the development of their communities.    

Voices of Women requested a woman of Sudan because of the 60 years of war and the devastating toll it has taken on women and children.  Over the next year, we will be telling you about our friend in Sudan through her own words as she takes the first steps in her life to become educated, develop vocational skills, become more active in her community, gain more self-confidence and learn about her human rights.  We hope you will follow her story with us.

Sudanese women remain confined to the private sphere where they are responsible for domestic chores, which is traditionally unpaid work.  In traditional Sudanese society, a woman’s primary social role is marrying and bearing children.  Having many children is a wife’s principal function and her ability to do so is often the only measure of her worth. Because of this, Sudanese fertility rates are among the highest in the world, as are maternal death rates during childbirth where 590 women die for every 100,000 live births.  This emphasis on traditional roles also contributes to high primary school drop-out rates leading to illiteracy among the female population.

Our Sudanese friend has given birth to eight children, two of whom have died.  She cannot read nor write anything other than her name. Her home has no electricity or running water and she cooks for her children by an open fire.   Through the support from Women for Women International, and now VOW, she is on her new journey and Voices of Women is excited about the opportunity to report her progress to you.  We hope you will be inspired … (full text A Voice from Africa).


  • Since our founding in 2001, Voices of Women has been on a quest to enlighten, educate, and embrace different cultures and beliefs. We believe that understanding religions and race will lead to peace. We aspire to establish communication and connection among people of diverse cultures. We believe that it is time for women to take their place at all decision-making tables. We know that one of us is not as strong as the sum of us in our global community. And we need collective strength in order to combat negativity and oppression.
  • We are not alone in our endeavors. We are walking alongside women and men who are carving similar paths. However, that path has not yet reached a destination. Voices of Women will remain determined and devoted to our cause until changes are made in international policies and governmental principles that allow freedom and equality for all.
  • Jenni Prisk, President/Founder, Voices of Women.

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