Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems, International, in 5 languages

HURIDOCS is an informal, open and decentralised network of human rights organisations who wish to put together their experience and creativity to develop common standards and tools for information management. Membership is open to all … (full text Network).

Frontpage; english Homepage;
Conference reports (PDF files) in English, and inSpanish; Download key docs; Tools; Training;
Contact: join/registration form.

About: “One fundamental characteristic of genuine human rights organisations, whatever their focus of work, is the bias for truth. Truth is the foundation of justice. Human rights organisations must always strive to bring out the truth in its entirety as much as possible.” Kofi Kumado, HURIDOCS Chairman 1992-2009. 

Our Vision: A world where the power of information and communication is harnessed in the service of human rights.

Our Mission: To strengthen the capacity of human rights organisations to manage and communicate information, enhancing their effectiveness and credibility.

Our Goal: To ensure that human rights organisations have the tools, knowledge, skills and supporting services to use their information resources effectively.

Our objectives: … (full text).

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