All India Trade Union Organisation AITUO

This NGO shows no own website, but is named:

on NGOs INDIA: Purpose: Child welfare, Labour, Training.
Aim/Objective/Mission: With more than 3 million members from formal and non-formal sector AITUO fights for the rights of workers. It negotiates agreements between the management and the workers. It also holds training and educational programmes for workers.
Contact: J. Chittaranjan
Address: AITUC Office, 24 , Canning Lane, New Delhi – 110001, India;
Tel: 91-11-3387320, no Email, no Website.

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All India Trade Union Congress on wikipedia;

Trade unions in India: In India the Trade Union movement is generally divided on political lines. According to provisional statistics from the Ministry of Labour, trade unions had a combined membership of 24,601,589 in 2002. As of 2008, there are 11 Central Trade Union Organisations CTUO recognised by the Ministry of Labour:

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