University of Cambridge – Event 24-02-2006

Linked with our presentation of Nuclear Weapons and Non-Proliferation – the Russian Perspective.

Also linked with our presentation of Alla Yaroshinskaya – Russian Federation.

4th Annual Stasiuk Lecture in Contemporary Ukrainian Studies:

Big Lie: Chernobyl twenty years on, by Dr Alla Yaroshinskaya (Moscow).

A member of Boris Yeltsin’s President’s Council from 1992 to 2000 and a former member of the Congress of Peoples’ Deputies, Alla Yaroshinskaya spent the last years working on ecological issues and nuclear disarmament. She has been a member of the Russian delegation to the United Nations to negotiate nuclear non-proliferation, and she continues to be a champion for the survivors of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, which has its twentieth anniversary this year. It was her series of investigative articles after this nuclear tragedy that brought Yaroshinskaya to international prominence and earned her the Alternative Nobel Prize in 1992.

The lecture is organized by the Cambridge Committee for Russian and East European Studies with the support of Cambridge University Ukrainian Society. It is sponsored by the Stasiuk Program for the Study of Contemporary Ukraine, Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta.

On: Friday 24th February 2006, Open: 5.30pm.

Venue: Robinson College, Grange Road, Cambridge , CB3 9AN, Umney Lecture Theatre.

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Contact: Dr Hubertus F. Jahn, Tel: +44 (0)1223 333253.

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