All India Association of Micro-Enterprise Development AIAMED

AIAMED had beginnings in the South Asia Network (SAN) in 1994. It got registered as a Trust in 1997 to act as a support organisation and also as a network. Its mission is to strengthen non-governmental and other type of organisations involved in micro finance and micro enterprise either fully or partially as its program component. Apart from Capacity Building of these organisations, it is also involved in Institutional Strengthening of the sector. AIAMED though its work on networking, joint action, information sharing, training, study and research hopes to achieve its aims. The Board of Trustees and Board of Governors govern AIAMED … (profile 1/2).

Strategy; Training; Research; Consultancy; new Venture; Partners; Membership;
Contact. PHONE: 91-11-55437348, MOBILE: 98183 53598 / 35213503, E-MAIL.

Profile 2/2: … AIAMED is a part of ‘Micro-Credit Summit Campaign’ to reach 100 million poor people by 2005.  

VISION: AIAMED aims to make development finance a significant national strategy for enabling the poor to productive citizens-and contribute with dignity in nation building.

MISSION: It’s mission is to develop accountable and sustainable retail development finance organisations.


  • AIAMED’s strategy is to provide a platform for community development finance organisations to come together ,share and experience similar vision of empowering the poor without handouts or subsidies . Our effort is to build effective coalitions and collective efficency through networking ,joint action ,capacity building and institutional strengthening study and research ,documentationand sharing of information.

CORE VALUES: AIAMED is guided by this core values:

  • Respect – Our respect for one another compels us to fully value and affirm the dignity and uniqueness of each client. This respect is also the foundation for our relationship with our clients’ communities and our relationship with others involved in our work – Donors, Creditors, Colleagues and Fellow members of the network.
  • Commitment to the cause of the poor – We focus our energy and efforts on our clients, their families and their communities. Their business needs and expectations determine the services we provide and their well being inspires what we do.
  • Integrity – We commit to integrating actively what we believe in what we do.
  • Stewardship – We are committed to being good stewards of our own resources and those of our clients, donors, creditors and colleagues by exercising a thoughtful and cost effective use of the time, skills and finances we have. Our efforts is to provide quality services and maximise the opportunities.
  • Bankability and reducing the vulnerability of the poor.

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