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Vidin is situated in the Northwest part of Bulgaria on the bank of the river Danube. It is near the frontiers with Romania and Serbia. The town is the center of the district with a population of 45 000 people, one third of which are representatives of minority groups. The population is getting older, because the young people emigrate in order to find better opportunities for professional realization … (full text EVS community details).

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About: “Open Youth” is a non-profit non-governmental organization, created and managed entirely by young people. 


  • to support the formal, the informal and the vocational education of the youth;
  • to use and disseminate the good practice in youth work;
  • to fight the negative social phenomenon in the present society.

Regarding the aim of the organization, the members of “Open youth” are working in the areas of various activities such as:

  • youth exchanges;
  • Anti-AIDS and anti-discrimination campaigns;
  • debates on important themes;
  • roundtables;
  • youth rights protection;
  • voluntary service;
  • trainings, seminars and conferences;
  • publications;
  • research.

Through all these the organization is willing to promote the European values between its target groups – the young people, in order to prepare them better for their future role as citizens with more responsibilities towards the society. In its work “Open Youth” regards the principles of:

  • independence;
  • democracy;
  • impartiality;
  • equal opportunities;
  • innovation;
  • voluntarism;
  • good making.

Member, volunteer or collaborator in the organization can be any person with no importance of his/her gender, race, colour, sexual orientation, background, religion, age and political views as far as he/she accepts the philosophy and the statute of “Open Youth”.

Link: Youth for Europe.

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