Australian Council for International Development ACFID

  • ACFID is an independent association of Ausstralian non-profit aid and development agencies …
  • … of non-government organisations (NGOs) working in the field of international aid and development.
  • It administers a Code of Conduct committing members to high standards of integrity and accountability.
  • Vision: To promote conditions of sustainable human development in which people are able to enjoy a full range of human rights, fulfil their needs free from poverty, and live in dignity.
  • Networks: … (about).

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Address: ACFID, 14 Napier Close Deakin ACT 2600, Australia;

Inside ACFID: … /ACFID Structure /Executive Committee: … (full text).

Development Practice Committee DPC: … The ACFID Development Practice Committee’s objective is to enhance the development sector’s effectiveness and efficiency. The DPC will work to achieve this objective through:

  • 1.leadership of good practice within the sector
  • 2.research and development of appropriate tools and processes
  • 3.provision of relevant advice to ACFID’s Executive Committee
  • 4.engagement with AusAID on development effectiveness practice

Links to ACFID Strategic Plan 2006-2010: … (full text).

Advocacy and Public Policy Committee APPC:

  • Role of APPC: APPC is an advisory committee to the ACFID Executive Committee. It coordinates advocacy, policy development and campaigning/educational activities among ACFID member agencies. APPC identifies critical areas for ACFID’s strategic advocacy engagement, particularly on government aid policy, human rights and the role of NGOs in development. It pursues engagement with government at a number of levels, as well as collaboration with the academic sector and greater education of the community on development issues … (full text).

Humanitarian Reference Group HRG:

  • The purpose of ACFID’s Humanitarian Reference Group (HRG) was to provide a medium for agencies to share information, improve coordination between agencies, and develop tools/events to share with the wider humanitarian sector.
  • With increasing operational and policy challenges in this area, the ACFID Humanitarian Reference Group (HRG) was invited in 2008 by ACFID’s Executive Committee to increase its role to that of an ACFID advisory committee. As an advisory committee, the HRG will continue to coordinate emergency response systems, work closely with ACFID’s Executive Committee on policy and advocacy and further collaborate on operational activities/policy such as supply chain management, civil miliatary coordination and human security issues.
  • The HRG undertook various initiatives in 2008 to improve information sharing and joint projects for efficient coordination of emergency response … (full text).

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