A Costa Rica’s Labour Union

A Labour Union-busting happens at the banana plantations of the Costa Rican banana company named Desarrollo Agroindustrial de Frutales S.A. (formerly known as Caribana). This Company owns 21 plantations. Most of its production is sold with the Chiquita label. The plantation workers’ union SITRAP started organising in two of these farms – Cahuita and Tortuguero – in mid-2004. They successfully recruited members and set up local committees inside the plantations. This unleashed an anti-union campaign with several members sacked, permanent harassment from supervisors and a manager driving members to the union office to give up their membership. The company also maintains a security gate at the entrance to the two farms and has imposed restrictive conditions on the union’s access. On 5th October 2005, a SITRAP organiser was attacked and robbed on his motorbike on his way out of the plantations. The union attributes this to the fact that the company would not allow access until after 4pm, therefore meaning that union personnel would be likely not to leave before nightfall and have to drive through an area noted for its assaults. SITRAP’s appeal is to ask the company to cease its anti-union campaign, give free access to union officials and reinstate union members who have been sacked. You can help … by going to this page of LabourStart and sign their initiative.

And here the Sitrap appeal on their website.

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