Alvoko al Mondpaco

appeal for world peace … a website first in japanese … working with LimeSurvey

… There is an ALVOKO AL MONDPACO (AMO) association (Appeal for World Peace) created by Japanese and Swiss pacifists in 2009. This association suggests you support the EARTH by this list of signatures. (on 9 steps/english, scroll down).

Frontpage (with links for japanese, esperanto, français, english, deutsch);
Pictures; Donations; The 9 steps on the website of LimeSurvey.

Alvoko al Mondpaco’s english Homepage: … Dear Peace-lovers, Dear Earth-lovers, Here is a description of 9 steps that can lead to a better world. Please read them, study them and reflect on them.  Just click to support the idea(s). 

You can choose the steps in accordance with your personal convictions, for example:

  • I support Steps 1, 2 and 6;
  • I support Step 1;
  • I support all 9 steps.

You are the one making the decision!

The period 2000-2010 was proclaimed by the UNO the decade of the peace and the nonviolence. As the world continues to need efforts in this direction, we propose you that we all try to suggest to our representatives to propose to the UNO a new decade for the Peace and the Nonviolence 2010-2020.

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