The Women Institute Initivative in Nigeria

Linked with our presentation of Limota Goroso Giwa (Hajiya) – Nigeria.

Brief Summary of the Women Institute Initivative in Nigeria and its Activities.

The Women Institute Initiative is based in Ilorin Kwara state of Nigeria with (7) local branches in different district of Kwara State of Northern Nigeria . The total population of the region is about 2.5 million people; out of this are 1.5million women and girls residing in the community.

The main religions of the people are Islam and Christianity (80% Muslim and 20% Christians). With this large population of Muslim communities, women and girls dominated the larger portions of this figures in the region. Women and girls are dominated because of the patriarchy systems that limited women access to resources and which hinder their participation in developmental activities. Sharia law system is the order of the day, women are kept at home and sometimes married off into gift marriages and some of them became victims of trafficking and child labor because of the poverty level of women in this area ,they some times participated in different criminal activities and most of them who are illiterate ended up recycling illiterate mothers and illiterate children because they do not have access to any basic education. The community is known for trafficking business of young girls to Saudi Arabia for prostitutions. The initiative is therefore meant to rehabilitate, re orientate and redress the series of environmental in-human, women’s right violations mounted on women and girls who are mostly from poor and peasant background through the yearly skill acquisition program for women.

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