Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology APCTT

of the economic and social commission for Asia and the Pacific

The objectives of the Centre are to assist the members and associate members of ESCAP through strengthening their capabilities to develop and manage national innovation systems;develop, transfer, adapt and apply technology; improve the terms of transfer of technology; and identify and promote the development and transfer of technologies relevant to the region.” (Homepage).

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Map (16 km from Indira Gandhi International Airport): Located in Qutab Institutional Area, Adjoining the Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, Delhi, India;
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About: Welcome to the Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology APCTT.
APCTT is a regional institution of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) servicing the Asia-Pacific region. 

It was established in 1977 with the objective of facilitating technology transfer in the Asia-Pacific region. The Centre is headquartered in New Delhi with host facilities provided by the Government of India.

Technology transfer, as you know, has become vital for today’s globalized world. The changing global scenario with the globalization of technologies and the shift in emphasis from manufacturing to a knowledge based economy has immensely affected the competitiveness of countries and companies. It has propelled companies in developing countries to the forefront in selected sectors and has provided tremendous opportunities for leapfrogging. These realities have intensified the process of international flows oftechnologies across firms and national boundaries in the form ofincreased technological cooperation, strategic alliances, and partnerships.Enterprises in developing and least developed countries need to develop, absorb and adopt new technologies in an efficient way, thereby, building upindigenous technological capabilities.

They need access to skills and competencies, access to financing, access to the market, and an environment for innovation.

The activities of APCTT are thus directed towards technology capacity-building, promotion and management of innovation as well as sub-regional and regional networking. In this direction, the Centre has focused on four specific areas of activity: Technology Information; Technology Transfer; Tech-Entrepreneurship Development; and Innovation Management, which are SME-oriented, IT-powered, environmentally responsible and gender

My endeavour will be to make APCTT a technology transfer hub in the region. I will make every effort to strengthen National Innovation Systems, enhance the competitiveness of SMEs and propagate environmentally sound technologies (ESTs) in our region.

I hope to work together with all our customers, business owners and employees, new entrepreneurs, researchers, academic staff and employees of government agencies for the development of a more prosperous Asia Pacific region – technologically, economically and socially. (Dr. K. Ramanathan, Head).

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