Association for Social Health in India ASHI

with branches in many states

For the achievement of its goals ASHI conducts various kinds of activities all over India …
… GOAL: To enrich and improve the quality of life ensuring a healthy family and a healthy society … (excerpt of activities).

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Our Presence: 20 State branches, 22 Stay homes, 7 other homes, 6 women helplines, 8 counselling centres;
Address Headquarter: The Secretary General, Association for Social Health in India (ASHI), 19, Rouse Avenue Institutional Area, New Delhi 110002, INDIA;
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Activities (excerpts): … Objectives:

  • Sustain family integrity
  • Develop sensitivity to each other’s needs in the family.
  • To enrich and improve the quality of life ensuring a healthy family and a healthy society.  

Interventions / Support Services:

1.Through the Stress Management & Family Enrichment Centre:

  • Life Skills Training in the schools and communities.
  • Therapeutic Services: Counseling, supportive psychotherapy, crisis intervention, family therapy.
  • Advocacy – family issues (Issue based).
  • Support services- Referral, Networking and Collaboration.

2.Training of Professionals, Volunteers & other target Groups (adolescents, parents, families, teachers, community organizers, others).

3.Evaluation, Research & Documentation.

4.Consultancy to other agencies.


  • 1.Need assessment is done through interactive sessions with Government officials, NGOs, voluntary organizations, community leaders, professional and non-professional groups.
  • 2.Life skill training content is drawn up keeping in the light of the needs emerging out of.
  • 3.Training plan will be drawn up according to the target group and their needs.
  • 4.Collaboration with national, regional and local agencies for advocacy, issue formulation and planning for intervention.

Interventions include both direct and indirect work with families, educational institutions and health delivery system. Needs of families are identified through the existing educational, health, legal and welfare system and collaboration is sought to address the issues.

Mahila Vikas Abhiyan-Gurgaon,Haryana: … (full long text activities).

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