Public Fund “Kylym shamy”

Linked with our presentation of Aziza Abdirasulova – Kyrgyzstan.

24.05.2005 – Public Fund “Kylym shamy” is standing for land capturers:

In the press-release as of May 18 2005 PF “Kylym shamy” has distributed
information stating that on May 16 more than 100 citizens who wanted to receive
land were beaten by members of militia in Asanbai micro district. As a result 5
people were hospitalized One of them, Kochkonov Taalai was hospitalized to
hospital #4. His condition was extremely hard.

Despite such condition he wasn’t even registered in the journal due to the
pressure from militia, and only after A. Abdirasulova and lawyer J. Sopuev
intervened his last name was included into the registration journal. On May 20
Kochkonov Taalai disappeared from the hospital. Taalai’s mother, Kulbeva Gulai
whose left hand was broken as a result of beating, was searching him for 2
days. And only on May 21 in the evening she found out that members of militia
captured her son from the hospital and put him into prison in Bishkek city.

Kulbaeva Gulai came to PF “Kylym Shamy” to ask for help on May 21 at 7pm. Human
rights defender A. Abdirasulova and lawyer J. Sopuev came to the Department of
Internal Affairs of Bishkek city. Representative of Ombudsman Akylbek
Kochkorbaev was also invited.

First members of AIA said that they don’t have Mr. Kochkonov, but after demands
they acknowledged that Kochkonov is there. And Kochkorbaev as a representative
Ombudsman cold visit him, according to him Kochkorbaev’s body has traces of
beating, and it was obvious that Kochkonov was tortured. According to Chairman
of AIA criminal case was raised against Kochkonov according to article 168, as
if he committed some criminal act. But it is clear that this case is
fabricated by militia in order to justify their illegal activities.

Doctors who came weren’t allowed to visit Kochkonov. Investigator Sydykov Erik
simply disappeared without explaining why the criminal case as raised against
Kochkonov. Kochkonov is still being held in prison. Overall there are 30
people who were beaten by militia. Doctors are refusing to accept them in
hospitals. And those who are already in hospitals are being asked to pay for
medical treatment. The same what was happening during Akayev’s regime is now
again happening.

PF “Kylym shamy” is stating:

Capture of Kochkonov from the hospital by members of law enforcement bodies is a
criminal act.

A case which was raised against him is fabricated in order to justify illegal
beatings by members of militia.

PF “Kylym shamy” is urging:
Prime-minister KR, acting President KR:
Dear Kurmanbek Salievich,
Several state officials are abusing their power and beating peaceful
demonstrators, capturing victims from the hospital and closing them in prison
and attaching fabricated cases to them. Don’t allow the use of physical force
by law enforcement bodies against peaceful citizens.

Acting General Prosecutor:
Dear Azimbek Anarkulovich,
We ask you to take control over criminal case against Kochkonov Taalai. You
know better than anyone else how law enforcement bodies can fabricate criminal
case against innocent people.
However, up until this moment no measures are being taken. Moreover, after this
events chairman of AIA Suvanaliev received general rank.

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