Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO) – Nepal

Linked with our presentations of Dalit Women and Reservation Policy, and also of DALIT WOMEN: The Triple Oppression of Dalit Women in Nepal.

and linked with our presentation of Durga Sob – Nepal.

FEDO a Nepal based NGO works in field of caste and gender discrimination. The main activities are Education, Health and Sanitation, Income Generation and Advocacy. Email ma@ahrchk.net, Main Address: Kupandole, Lalitpur, P.O. Box. 4366, Kathmandu, Nepal. (See OneWorld).

Anita Shrestha is a staff of the Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO): Nepal retains its centuries-old caste system. Dalits, the discriminated people under this system, suffer from restriction on the use public amenities, deprivation of economic opportunities, and general neglect by the state and society.

More than twenty Dalit caste groups exist in the country at present. Identifying a caste group is problematic. It requires a study of diverse cultures of different ethnic groups and geographical areas. Thus even the government classification system is open to question. (Read more on HURIGHTS OSAKA).

National and International Partners through Jagaran Media Center.

The Feminist Dalit Organisaition (FEDO) is a NGO based in Kahtmandu, Nepal with a vision to eliminate caste and gender discrimination in society. FEDO focuses on the plight of the Dalit women, or those on the bottom of the caste system’s hierarchy. The mission of FEDO is to uplift and empower downtrodden Dalit women educationally, economically, and socially and to advocate against gender and caste discrimination. They do this through research, seminars, training, advocacy, networking and improving social conditions such as health-care and education. FEDO coordinates its activities on both grass-roots and national levels, creating networks of advocacy, action, and information in an effort to improve the human rights conditions surrounding Dalit women. (See Womans United Nations Report Network).


Jagriti, Nepal: all there currently registred womens organisations;

Mainstreaming Dalits in Development Programming;

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