On April 19-29, 2006 in the Philippines – Mabuhay! My name is Dave G. Saceda, Chair and Founder of the Saceda Youth Lead, A Youth Serving Institution of the Philippines under the auspices of the National Youth Commission of the Philippines. Saceda Youth Lead, registered as a foundation under the Securities Exchange Commission, member of the Philippine Society for Training and Development, awaiting consultative status with the United Nations and awarded as 2004 Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations of the Philippines for Visayas, builds leadership through education and action.

It continues empowering elementary, high school and college students and even professionals to become most effective citizens of my country by providing them opportunities in leadership, community service and exchange. I am purposely writing to ask for your solidarity and support. May I invite outstanding youth of your community (youth ranging from 10-25 years old) to come to the Philippines to participate in the 2006 Asia Pacific Summer Leadership Camp which will be held on April 19-29, 2006 at Avila Kiosk, Balugo, Dumaguete City, Philippines.

Here, delegates will have fun discovering their own leadership talents. They meet, question and interact
with outstanding leaders in business, education, government and the professions. This is a way of putting Asia Pacific region forward with the help of our regional brothers and sisters. It is essential that we look into our neighbors for mutual understanding and peace, and it is just well that our young people will start forging strong relations and friendships as we go through many challenges under One People, One Geographical Division of the World- the Asians

Registration fee is P4,000 per participant includes food and accommodation, uniforms, seminar kits, Island Escapade, and other related expense. Domestic tickets from your place to the Summer Camp 2006 venue and back shall be borne by the participants.

Please take note that there will be a cultural presentation. Kindly inform your delegates to bring national costumes, brochure and souvenir items for exchange. This is a camp, and everyone will be sleeping on tents. Your representation will truly mean a lot to the future of our young people and our nations. Attached is the official program of the Summer Camp 2006. I truly hope that you will be able to send delegates to the program.

I am looking forward to your most favorable response. Thank you very much. Very truly yours, Dave G. Saceda, Chair, Saceda Youth Lead. (Read more about this event on this site).

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