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Since 1996, NGOs from many countries have joined forces in an international campaign to reform ECAs. The goals and demands of the campaign are best described in the Jakarta Declaration for Reform of Official Export Credit and Investment Insurance Agencies, endorsed by over 300 NGOs following a May 2000 international ECA reform strategy session in Jakarta, Indonesia.  While focusing on the impacts of ECAs in Indonesia, the Jakarta Declaration has a global “call for reform” that includes: … (full text GOALs).

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About: ECA Watch is an organizing and outreach mechanism of the larger international campaign to reform Export Credit Agencies (ECAs).  

Organizations participating in the campaign include non-governmental organizations and bodies working on issues related to the environment, development, human rights, community, labor, and anti-corruption.

The Jakarta Declaration (2000) describes the specific goals of the ECA reform campaign. As stated in the 2000 platform document, the overarching goals of the campaign are to lobby ECAs to improve their environmental policies and practices (nationally and internationally), and to support local efforts to improve specific ECA-backed projects. The ECA reform campaign engages in advocacy, grassroots organizing, lawsuits, research, education and media outreach (Problems).

ECA Watch is a growing network of non-governmental organizations and bodies focusing on various aspects of ECA reform. Caucuses focus on problem areas, and specific ECA-backed projects. Read more about the problems by issue-area or world region/ country.

If you are interested in participating in the campaign, please contact ECA Watch.

The ECA Watch Facilitator is Bob Thomson.

The website will change to feature different issues as articles are submitted by NGOs working in different problem areas. Please bookmark our home page and check back with us. Also, to receive announcements of new additions to the site, sign up on the ECA Action e-mail list by entering your e-mail address in the subscription box to the left!

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