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This website is about life in Japan from the viewpoint of one American-born writer residing in Sapporo, Japan, both before and after he became a naturalized Japanese citizen. It may interest people who want to know more about Japan, and how it affects residents who have the appearance and/or status of non-Japanese … (full text Welcome page).

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  • Hi Blog. This section is specially devoted to your experiences with being fingerprinted and photographed by the Japanese Immigration authorities after November 20, 2007.
  • As many of you know (or will soon find out), Japan has become only the second country in the world to institute biometric data collection for all non-citizens. Modeled upon the US-VISIT Program, Japan’s mutation is even more extreme, as it fingerprints and photographs even Permanent Residents (while those who get the US Green Card are exempt after one session) every time they reenter Japan. And most ports of entry will treat all foreigners as tourists, regardless of Japan residency (including long, demeaning lines at Immigration separated from your Japanese families).
  • More information on this public-relations disaster (and what you can do about it) backlogged on the blog.
  • Bullet-point Powerpoint Presentation.

Anyway, as for this section:

  • Please tell us things like what happened, how you felt, if you protested and what you did, what was the reaction (if any), and anything else you think others should know about the experience. Leave your thoughts (anonymously if you prefer) in the Comments Section below.
  • I’m a Japanese citizen; this isn’t going to affect me so I can’t comment from experience. But will affect most of you. Tell us if what people are doing is in some way helping the Japanese Government see the error of their ways–that the taxpaying NJ residents of this society are not simply just going to roll over like good little “gaijin” guests and do nothing. Especially in the face of being expressly painted by officials and the media as agents of terrorism, crime, and infectious diseases. Japan must learn that in this age of Globalization, it can’t continue to think that treating the outside world like this will not incur repercussion.
  • Only by charting the arc will we know if we’ve made a difference (we already have, but the ultimate goal, however possibly unattainable, is a complete rescinding of the policy). Comment away: Arudou Debito in Sapporo.

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