Emotional Competency

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  • Developing the essential social skills to recognize, interpret, and respond constructively to emotions in yourself and others.
  • Emotions are colorful, dramatic, fascinating, and essential dimensions of every person’s experience. These primitive mechanisms send a constant stream of powerful signals that can guide us along the difficult path of survival, or quickly send us off on destructive and painful tangents … (full text Homepage).

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The importance of Emotional Competency: Avoiding the tragedies of Emotional Incompetence. Emotional competency works; it is good for business, it strengthens relationships, improves wellbeing, and it can even save lives.

The pain and suffering caused by emotional incompetence is huge and incalculable. We have included stories here as examples of the many tragedies that could have been prevented by emotionally competent behaviors. Although the losses represented by these stories are huge, the peace of mind that is lost each day by so many people may represent an even greater loss. The following stories clearly show the great need to improve our emotional competency. Studying and applying the principles of emotional competency can improve our emotional wellbeing. The need is both urgent and imperative. Please send us your stories.

Road Rage: … (full long text Importance).

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