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  • ETHICAL MARKETS MEDIA is an independent media company covering the emergence of a sustainable, green, more ethical and just economy worldwide. We share the goals of all our non-profit groups and friends listed on our Partners/Links page.
  • WE DO NOT ENDORSE ANY COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS OR SERVICES. We simply report on all the new organizations: civic, non-profit and for-profit, as well as individuals working for the transition to the new economies of the dawning information-rich Solar Age.
  • This is to clarify to various new visitors where we stand. (About).

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Philosophy: Thank you for visiting This site was created as a public service to gather and disseminate information on the socially and environmentally responsible investments and markets growing around the world. 

Socially responsible business and investment opportunities have been around for decades, but now they are reaching farther into the mainstream. This site acts as a filter for much of the information on this financial, governmental and social sector with which we are bombarded. We hope to be profitable as well as provide a service.

To that end, only highly qualified businesses which adhere to stringent social and ethical criteria, as used by all major socially responsible mutual funds and by our Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life Indicators, are accepted as sponsors. Advertising rates for renewable energy and socially responsible start-up companies are available.

Likewise, the site seeks to build connections with as many companies and research organizations promoting these high standards as possible. The site exchanges links with like-minded organizations and provides publicity for deserving non-profits. Every post, banner, video and other content found on the site is purpose driven: to be timely, to inform and to empower.

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