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A 21st century approach – What makes NABUUR different? The method: NABUUR leverages the internet to enable people around the world to connect and collaborate. Online volunteers (Neighbours) are matched to and linked with Local Communities (Villages) in developing countries through NABUUR … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: The people living in the Villages formulate projects to address local issues. Together, the people and the Neighbours find solutions. For Neighbours, the focus is not on donating money, but on sharing knowledge, ideas and contacts. This novel approach leaves the initiative in the hands of the Villages. NABUUR combines the best of the old (neighbourly help) with the best of now (the internet). 
Not only familiar results:

  • Though the method is unique, the results seem familiar: Dairy cooperatives are formed. Internet cafés opened. Children are educated. Health clinics are built. Crops are irrigated. Websites are launched. Income is generated. The difference is that the work is done by a dedicated network of online volunteers. That opens up new perspectives for additional effects.

But less costs:

  • The NABUUR organization only hosts and facilitates the process. This innovative approach reduces the costs and time required to achieve results. Especially when the numbers of Villages rise, the cost per project will fall.

And important additional effects:

  • The NABUUR method is about empowerment. It is about hands‐up instead of hand‐outs. NABUUR stimulates, fosters and supports local problem solving capabilities. This contrasts with the approach Villages are used to: write a proposal and then wait for funding.
  • Through NABUUR, online volunteers transfer knowledge, make contacts, scout resources, and share their expertise.
  • The local community and its representative (Local Representative) get new solutions, a team of assistants across the world, and tools, experience and confidence to handle projects themselves.
  • The online volunteers (Neighbours) appreciate NABUUR because they found the place to make a positive difference, without leaving their homes and at a time suiting them best.

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