This NGO shows no own website, but is named

on NGOs INDIA: Purpose: Development (General);
Aim/Objective/Mission: The main aim of the organisation is to facilitate the development process of the socio-economically weaker sections through social action and HRD training in NGOs. The training includes skill, commitment development oriented, developing their own HRD system, facilitating in-house-strategic-planning and evaluation exercises, collecting research findings and information and circulating the same to NGOs.
Contact: Lalit Mishra, Tel: 91-6752-224747
Address: Yojana, Sarvodayanagar, Puri – 752002, Orissa, India. No e-mail.

The Word Yojana explained on wikipedia.
An Indian-Gov-website presents a magazine named Yojana, issue July 2009 is about Infrastructure Development.

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