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Maximizing social change until we have a world that works for all – We are building a global collaboration for a Livable Future. Please join us

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The mission of We, The World is to maximize social change – globally. We are working to awaken a spirit of caring and involvement in the public so that millions of people begin to see themselves as part of one global interdependent community – and actively take part in creating a world that works for all!
Working with an extraordinarily accomplished team, we have begun the process of building an unprecedented critical mass of individuals, organizations and coalitions whose efforts to create a caring world will be highly visible and accessible … (full text Mission & Objectives).

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Join We, The World’s Change Agent Network – We CAN
Anyone who has children (or who would like to be around for 25 or more years) has to be concerned about the deterioration of so many fundamental aspects of our world. Unfortunately, too many of those who hold the greatest political, economic and military power seem to be determined to maintain the status quo and hold back progress towards sustainability for as long as possible.

To achieve a Livable Future for our world we will need a massive shift of personal and societal priorities and resources. The solution, as we see it, will not come from those currently in power but rather from millions of “ordinary” folks. Through our international Change Agent Network and other programs, We, The World will enable them to become visible to each other and to begin to act collectively, transforming both society and themselves, consciously using their buying power, their voting power and their people power to move us toward a world that works for all!

By becoming a Member, a Volunteer, or by joining our E-List you will help to launch a new breakthrough communications and organizing resource that will allow 1,000s of socially conscious organizations and individuals to work more effectively together and achieve their goals.

With your support We CAN! will feature:

  • A Worldwide Event Calendar
  • Online Broadcasting & Enhanced Multimedia
  • Collaboration Tools and Staff
  • Partnerships with existing major networks
  • We CAN! will allow members to:
  • Cross-promote events to a global audience
  • Webstream live and archived video/audio
  • Share information, resources and support;
  • Co-sponsor events, policy papers, ads, and petitions;
  • Organize locally, nationally and globally!
  • Click this link for a detailed description of the Global Resources Networking capabilities of this program.

We welcome your voice to the growing chorus of those who are making this endeavor possible.


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