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… What YOU can do with BETTER WORLD LINKS:

  • Advance your project for a better world more effectively.
  • Inform yourself about important topics and tell others your results.
  • Get suggestions and pass on your own ideas or experiences.
  • Investigate background information for a lecture, an essay or an article.
  • Make contacts, look for allies and establish alliances.
  • Ideal as an internet portal for young people, as well as schools, universities, and adult education centres.
  • Ideal also for journalists, reporters and politicians, as well as for cross-references in articles and link collections

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About 2/2: WHAT WE OFFER YOU: Over 45,000 well organized links (internet addresses) in English on the following global topics:

  • Peace, Human Rights, Environment
  • One World, Social Justice, Sustainability
  • Conflict Regions, Military, Culture, Health
  • Women, Men, Youth, Education, Religion
  • Economics, Globalization, Politics, Media
  • And many more issues affecting our future
  • Up-to-date, balanced, hand-picked, free of charge and without advertising !
  • “Better World Links” is the leading web-site of its kind in the world.
  • A link collection with an error rate of under 1 % ensured by regular checks.
  • An update takes place every week with new links (more frequently in times of crisis).
  • It is an ideal tool for everyone concerned with the issues listed above, facilitating orientation in the data jungle of the internet and allowing optimal use of the internet, thereby saving time and money.
  • A forum for Peace, Human Rights, the Environment, 3rd World Issues, Women, Democracy and Social Movements of all countries.
  • An easy-to-use and comprehensive data base of all relevant NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and information represented in the internet.
  • Access to important information that does not correspond to published opinion – in particular critical background information on current problems.

“Better World Links” or “Norbert’s Bookmarks for a Better World” are recommended by the International Peace Bureau (IPB), PeaceNews (WRI), Traprock Peace Center (USA), Irwin Abrams (Quaker), and Michael Moore (USA). 1999 and 2000 Better World Links received the Comenius Quality Seal of the German Society for Education and Information (GPI).


  • An important goal is to leave to our children a world worth living in; in the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Schweitzer, Martin Luther King, Petra Kelly and the Dalai Lama.

What YOU can do with BETTER WORLD LINKS: … (full text about).

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