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Clean Up the World is a community based environmental program that inspires and empowers individuals and communities from every corner of the globe to clean up, fix up and conserve their environment … (about Clean up the world 1/2).

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About Index;  /Clean up the world 2/2: … Now in its 17th year, Clean Up the World, held in conjunction with the United Nations Environment Programme UNEP, mobilises an estimated 35 million volunteers from 120 countries annually, making it one of the largest community-based environmental campaigns in the world.

The campaign brings together businesses, community groups, schools, governments and individuals in a range of activities and programs that positively improve local environments.

Since the first Clean Up the World campaign in 1993 the improvements achieved due to the efforts of millions of concerned volunteers around the world have been astounding. Examples of community-led Clean Up the World activities include:

  • Recycling and resource recovery
  • Tree planting
  • Education campaigns
  • Water reuse and conservation
  • Competitions
  • Exhibitions
  • Fix up projects.

While participants are encouraged to hold environmental events on or around CUW Weekend (always the 3rd weekend in September), Clean Up the World is also designed to provide support to groups undertaking activities throughout the year.

Clean Up the World is associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations and is supported by, and collaborates with, a range of partner organisations in various countries.

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