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They say about themselves: The Development Gateway puts the Internet to work for developing countries. We provide innovative Internet solutions for effective aid and e-government – increasing access to critical information, building local capacity and bringing partners together for positive change.

More than one billion people worldwide now use the Internet. Half of these people are in developing countries and we expect their number to triple in the next five years. So the Internet is no longer just a tool for the rich. It is enabling unprecedented interaction within and across borders in developing regions, unleashing productivity and facilitating new solutions to old problems. The Development Gateway is helping capture this momentum to ensure that the benefits extend to as many people as possible.

They started a discussion about ‘What Events Will Make the Most Difference in Changing the Aid Industry?’ – Almost everyone–from aid donors to recipients–seems to agree that changes are needed in delivering overseas development assistance to make it more effective in reducing poverty. What events of the next year might make the most difference in making the system more effective? Please add your comments in the box on the right. Thanks for participating in this important discussion.

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