School Choice, India

Vision: To create a system of education where all children get access to quality education of their choice.

To make policymakers aware of the power of incentives to reform that education system

  • To create awareness and generate public debate about how education is funded in India
  • To demonstrate the power of choice by running pilot projects show casing education vouchers
  • To encourage entrepreneurship in education especially in its provision to the poor by advocating regulatory reform and the use of micro credit
  • To advocate the use of independent evaluation using international comparable standardized tests to assess the performance of government and private schools in India
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About the School Choice Campaign – Right to Education of Choice: CCS’s flagship project, the School Choice Campaign (SCC) was launched in 2007 and is a campaign to bring about the much-needed reforms in the system of school education in India today using the three pronged approach of Education Vouchers, Regulatory Reforms and Encouraging Edupreneurs.

School Choice is a policy reform idea developed to increase the involvement of parents in responsibly schooling their children by giving them ownership of the task. Based on education vouchers as a mode of funding for the schooling of needy children, School Choice is also designed to reduce disparity in the quality of schooling offered by the government and increase transparency and efficiency.

Article 26 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights states that parents have a prior right to choose the type of education they want for their children. We at the School Choice Campaign also believe that what the poor need today is not just Right to Education, but the Right to Education of Choice. As a public policy think tank, we have long been conducting research and advocating School Choice for the poor in India … //

… Efficient Use of Public Funds:

  • School vouchers or voucher-like schemes
  • Pedagogical and operational autonomy to government schools
  • State schools given on learning contract
  • Performance pay for principals and teachers
  • Convert state funding to per student basis

Promote Equity & Quality through Liberalization:

  • Delicensing, deregulation and decentralization (curricula, textbooks, exams, state boards, school management)
  • Support for budget private schools through a credible affiliation board, independent performance assessment, and microfinance
  • Legalization of for-profit schools


… SCHOOL CHOICE CAMPAIGN APPROACH: … (full text about).  

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