Badhir Bal Kalyan Vikas Samiti BBKVS

This NGO shows no own website, but is named:

on NGOs INDIA: Purpose: Child welfare, Disability;
Aim/Objective/Mission: BBKVS is a school for the deaf and dumb working to serve neglected children through its various centres such as Helping Centre for the hearing impaired, training centre, school and hostel for the blind and Sur Niliyam School and Hostel. It looks after their mental and physical development, entertainment, sports and speech therapy practice. It also provides free medical facilities, rehabilitation services through training in computers, type-writing and tailoring.

on Click India: Contact: Shanti Lal Mundra; Address: LNJ Bhilwara Group Logar & Logar Bhilwara, 311001 Rajasthan, India.

on Karmayogi Shanti Lal Mundra, Tel. + 91-1482-30733, also serves the Entire World.

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