Plunder the crime of our

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  • … PLUNDER shows how debt has restructured our economy and put Americans under a burden that many will never crawl out of.
  • PLUNDER identifies some of the shameless profiteers and calls for an investigation and the prosecution of those behind this shrewdly engineered Sub Prime ponzi scheme.
  • PLUNDER indicts the regulators who enabled the crisis and the media that missed it.
  • PLUNDER advocates a debt-relief movement in America and argues that such a movement would resonate across the political spectrum … (full text Homepage).

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About Danny Schechter: Danny Schechter is a journalist, author, television producer and an independent filmmaker who also writes and speaks about economic and media issues. 

He is the executive editor of, the world’s largest online media issues online network, and recipient of many awards including the Society of Professional Journalists’ 2001 Award for Excellence in Documentary Journalism … //

… He has produced and directed many TV specials and documentary films …

He has spoken at scores of universities – from Harvard to Hamline, from Minnesota to MIT, NYU to Georgia State, Santa Monica to the University of Hawaii, Princeton to Cornell.

A Cornell University graduate, he received his Master’s degree from the London School of Economics, and an honorary doctorate from Fitchburg College. He was a Neiman Fellow in Journalism at Harvard, where he also taught in 1969. After college, he was a full time civil rights worker and then communications director of the Northern Student Movement, and worked as a community organizer in a Saul Alinsky-style War on Poverty program. Then, moving from the streets to the suites, Schechter served as an assistant to the Mayor of Detroit in 1966 on a Ford Foundation grant.

Schechter has reported from 61 countries. He was an adjunct professor at the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University and taught investigative reporting at the New School. Schechter’s writing has appeared in leading newspapers and magazines including the Newsday, Boston Globe, Columbia Journalism Review, Media Studies Journal, Detroit Free Press, Village Voice, Z,,, ZNET, Creative1, Global Research, Alternet and many others. (full text about).

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