Center for Peace Studies – Ontario/Canada

Linked with our presentation of Ana Raffai – Croatia.

Center for Peace Studies: Homepage, Contact, and address: the McMaster University, Office of Interdisciplinary Studies, Togo Salmon Hall 726, McMaster University, 1280 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario, L8S 4M2 – Canada.

Peace Studies is concerned with war and peace, violence and nonviolence, conflict and conflict transformation. Peace researchers also study concepts of justice and the ways in which people organize and wage conflict to achieve what they perceive as just ends. By focusing attention on problems of conflict, particularly of a violent nature, researchers attempt to improve our methods of analyzing and dealing with these problems. Peace studies is an interdisciplinary field, encompassing subject areas from the Faculties of Science and Social Sciences as well as Humanities.

Courses: The University Calendar is intended to let you know the range of courses that the Peace Studies program offers. We cannot offer all of those courses every year; any course in the undergraduate calendar must be offered once in every three year period. The following courses are being offered in 2005-06. Many of the courses listed are or will be linked to an electronic version of the course outline.


Undergraduate Program

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