The European Church and Peace Network

Linked with our presentation of Ana Raffai – Croatia.

Linked also with our presentation of Center for Peace Studies – Ontario/Canada.

And linked with our presentation of How churches become peace churches.

The CHURCH & PEACE European network brings together groups, communities, organisations and churches committed to becoming the peace church of Jesus Christ in daily life and action. It is a European network of Christian communities, churches and organizations who believe that the peace witness is an essential characteristic of the church of Jesus Christ. It began in 1949, when Quakers, Mennonites and the Church of the Brethren (the historic peace churches) joined with the International Fellowship of Reconciliation to coordinate their activities. Today Church and Peace is a network of 45 churches, communities and peace service organizations and 30 individuals from Eastern and Western Europe. Church and Peace’s members share the conviction that nonviolence is one of Jesus’ essential teachings for his church and that the Gospel message of reconciliation and forgiveness means leading lives of active peacemaking and service for peace. (Read more on this page).

ReliefWeb is a source for Trainings, for involved NGOs, for Academic Research Institutions and for Documents.

Read here Ana Raffai’s Text in her balkan language; or here in german.

The organization is member of Abolition 2000.

See also the Quaker Council for European Affairs.

And see the institute for war and peace reporting.

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